Selling Your Home This Fall

Selling your home during Fall

If you are selling your home this Fall, you need to create an eye-catching, cozy space to grab that buyer and make them feel like they just walked into their dream home.  

Adding in the Fall Palette

Having the fall palette incorporated into your decor does more than just look amazing.  According to, the contrast of colors creates a signal for our brain that we usually deem significant.  In a real estate perspective, you want that.  You want the buyer to walk into your home and feel like it’s a significant moment.

If you are one of the many people who have decided to sell this fall, here are some ways you can incorporate fall colors to create a clean, cozy space for a potential buyer-

Table Display

Selling your home during Fall

Creating a cozy table display can bring attention to a beautiful dining area where buyers can picture having the upcoming holiday meals.  Including multiple colors, textures, and natural items can really emphasize the coziness of a home during the fall season.

Blankets and Pillows

Selling your home during Fall

Create an inviting sitting or family area by adding fuzzy blankets and seasonal pillows to your space.  Colors and textures are great additions in staging the area but also adding elements like serving trays, candles, and books can really make the area pop.  Checking out your local thrift store is a great way to spruce up the space on a budget.

Front Porch Welcome

Selling your home during Fall

Nothing says you’re home like a beautiful front porch or door display.  This area gives you a little more room to add different items like hay-bales, pallet wood signs, and pumpkins. Mums are amazing color options to add to a porch or stairs and you can get them in tons of colors.   

If you are looking for some local (Metro Detroit) based places for great home decor, make sure to visit Leon and Lulu in Clawson to get decor ideas and so much more.  Defiantly one of my favorite stores to spend time in.

Now that your home is fall ready, get that photographer in there, work with your agent to get as many buyers in the door as possible and post pictures of your beautiful fall space!

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