Raking vs Mulching: Benefits of Mulching

Raking Vs Mulching: Benefits of Mulching

The air is crisper, the pumpkins are out, and the leaves are falling.  It’s officially Autumn in the Midwest which means lawn care prime time!  Time to clean up the yard buuuuut, what if I said you can leave the leaves alone?  


Protecting the Environment

Environmental experts are now saying that not raking your yard can benefit your environment and actually help create healthier yards.  The leaves do so much for our soil as well as insects (don’t worry, I’ll get to why we should help the bugs), and wildlife.  If your yard is like mine, I can’t imagine just leaving the leaves there.  I’m surrounded by trees and I would have an intense spring clean-up if I left them so what can we do to make our lawns look better but still help in environment?  MULCH em’!

Mulch Em’

By mulching the leaving verse removing them, you are allowing the leaves to help with soil moisture, provide nutrients to the soil, and create a shelter for insects during the winter months that will become bird food through those cold days (that’s why we protect bugs, food chain baby)!  Putting down the rake will also protect the root systems in place for our lawns, allowing our yard to flourish in the spring.  The leaf clippings release nitrogen and organic matter into the ground that winter yards love.


Another interesting note about leaving your leaves or mulching them is it can actually reduce greenhouse gases.  According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency https://www.epa.gov ), in 2017, over 8.7 million tons of yard waste went into landfills which accounted for over 6% of all waste in landfills.  So by raking our yard and bagging the leaves, we are doing more harm than good and using our beautiful autumn days doing more work than necessary.  

Raking Vs Mulching: Benefits of Mulching

If you are in the Madison Heights area, they do offer free compost to it’s citizens so if raking your yard is necessary, you can rake your leaves onto the road and the city will come by and vacuum them up, no bag needed!

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