Projects to Complete in Winter

Projects to complete in Winter

Winter is a great time to cozy up with movies and your favorite hot drink but it’s also a great time to get some home projects done that can also bring a positive return on investment when you go to sell!

Here are 5 projects to complete in Winter to keep you busy.

Replace Flooring

New flooring can bring new life to a room and can be done almost exclusively indoors so you don’t have to brave the cold weather.  Hard wood floors specifically are great to install during winter because the dry, warm air helps the wood dry faster while preventing gaps from occurring.  Updating worn floors with new carpet or wood also acts as an insulator which your feet will appreciate.

Change lightbulbs to energy efficient bulbs

Lightbulbs are usually only thought about when they die.  If you’re bored one day, take the time to change all the bulbs in your home to energy efficient LED’s.  This will increase your home’s energy efficiency and give you a chance to clean the fixtures from built up dust.

Insulate or Seal up cracks

It’s happened before, you walk through your home in winter and feel that draft of cold, frigid air.  That’s perfect!  The winter air is more noticeable and more trackable than summer air so you can find where it’s coming from quicker.  Make sure to have the materials needed when you fill cracks or check insulation.  Your local hardware (such as Frenz & Son’s in Royal Oak. ) can help you gather materials since different textures need specific materials to seal properly.

Projects to Complete in Winter

Replace Kitchen countertops

Here’s another project that can be done almost exclusively inside and the best part of it, there’s a significant ROI when you go to sell.  Changing and updating your kitchen counter can bring your kitchen from being dated/dull to modern and new.  Look for the best material to fit your needs and tastes.  A personal favorite is butcher block for myself as it’s adds a cozy touch while being extremely functional.  While you’re at it, updating the hardware on cabinets is also a noticeable update while being winter-friendly.  

Update Laundry Room

The laundry room can sometimes take a back seat when it comes to updates since we don’t typically hang out in there.  Winter is the best time to pay attention to that little but highly used area!  Adding shelves, new paint (use low- VOC paint in enclosed areas:  ) and a laundry system can help organize the space and create the feeling of having a larger/ more open room.  

Completing these projects don’t take a lot of time but have a great ROI when you go to sell your home.  If you’re curious what projects bring the highest ROI, contact me for the inside scoop!

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