Projects to complete in Winter

Projects to Complete in Winter

Winter is a great time to cozy up with movies and your favorite hot drink but it’s also a great time to get some home projects done that can also bring a positive return on investment when you go to sell! Here are 5 projects to complete in Winter to keep you busy. /*! elementor - v3.9.2 - 21-12-2022 */ .elementor-heading-title{padding:0;margin:0;line-height:1}.elementor-widget-heading...

Downtown Royal Oak,Michigan

Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan

Shopping Downtown Royal Oak is something every Michigander should experience. It has everything you could need; from your morning coffee run to dinner after a successful shopping day!  Here are some of my favorite places to visit: /*! elementor - v3.9.2 - 21-12-2022...

Raking Vs Mulching: Benefits of Mulching

Raking vs Mulching: Benefits of Mulching

The air is crisper, the pumpkins are out, and the leaves are falling.  It’s officially Autumn in the Midwest which means lawn care prime time!  Time to clean up the yard buuuuut, what if I said you can leave the leaves alone?    Protecting the Environment Environmental experts are now saying that not raking your yard can benefit your environment and actually help create healthier yards. ...

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